Perforated Metal can be supplied in coils or sheets with different width and length with varieties of thickness from 0.5mm-15mm.
TJS offers perforated products in range of materials requested such as:

Carbon Steel (Mild Steel): this is the most common type of materials and most efficient in price. The only disadvantage of mild steel is required to be finish with paint or coating for longer usage and to avoid getting rust/corrosion. Cold rolled steel is available from 0.5mm-1.2mm. Hot rolled steel is for 1.2mm and above.

Pre-galvanized Steel: This material has gone through galvanize coating process that would help to protect the material against rust and corrosion. But not suggested to be used for exterior because the coating is interrupted at the perforation process. For exterior use, we suggest to use mild steel and to be galvanized after perforation.

Pre-painted Steel: commonly made of pre-galvanized steel that has been painted. This color steel is perfectly use more for architectural products such as ceilings, walls, rolling doors, partition, etc.

Stainless Steel: is another form of steel that contains nickel, chrome and other elements. Nickel and chrome in stainless steel adds the benefits of this materials in resistance to rust and corrosion. Therefore this material price is consider higher but last longer as well. Most common types available SUS201, SUS304, SUS316, SUS430 with different finish such as 2B, BA, #4, HL and mirror.

Aluminum: Another type of material that also has the advantage of being rust and corrosion resistant. Another advantage of this material is being light weight.

*Other type of materials are available on special request order
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